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Package Price
Web Hosting Level 1 $6/Month
Web Hosting Level 2 $12/Month
Discord Hosting Level 1 $6/Month
Discord Hosting Level 2 $12/Month


Extra Price
Custom Root Password $0.10/Month
Dedicated IP $0.50/Month
Different Server Version $1/Month
Premade Server $5/Month


Premades Price
cPanel $6+/Month
aaPanel $6/Month
Minecraft: Java $6/Month
TF2 $6/Month
Rust $6/Month
Node.js $6/Month
MySQL $6/Month
MongoDB $6/Month


Country State/Province/City
United States Georgia
United States Texas
United States New Jersey
United States California
Canada Ontario
United Kingdom London
Germany Frankfurt
Singapore Unknown
Japan Tokyo
India Mumbai
Australia Sydney