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Who Are We?

NFC Servers was founded in 2020 by Ray and Jake the project was abandoned 3 months later due to insufficent funds. In this time Ray left the company and Johnathan joined as a founder. The project was continued on 04/06/22 with a new host and a new dedication with more funds then ever. And now we're here.

What do we do?

We are a server host that helps people with setting up there own server for the public or their friends. We are mainly based on discord as that is where all of our sales and management happens.

Who works for you?

We are a small company with 1-10 employees.

Where can I get a server?

Our server prices are here you can join our discord to purchase a server here.

Can I apply for a job?

Of course! We are always accepting new staff and put our trust in you.

Are your servers fast?

Of course! Our servers are mainly used for cpu usage. We have the strongest server cpu's you can get right now. Servers only take 5 minutes to go up if you are actively with a support person.


Q: Can I get the server cheaper than advertised?

A: Of course! We always have deals running the current or latest deal will be on the Prices Page.


Q: Can a support staff setup my server for me?

A: Of course they can! If no staff is available or knows anything about it we will research your problem and fix it for you!


Q: What are premades?

A: Premades are your server but setup instantly for you. No human interraction needed.


Q: How difficult are these servers?

A: As long as you have a video to follow or a support staff to help you this can be in the levels beginner-moderate.